Drawing Board Store: From Salvage Yard Finds to Magnetic Planners

Drawing Board Store was inspired by a chance trip to a salvage yard by two friends who love to create. Armed with boxes of vintage chalkboards from that trip, their product range started to take shape, evolving from up cycled drawing boards to the beautiful planners and organisers they specialise in today.

Drawing Board Store now boasts the largest range of magnetic planners in the country, all aimed at inspiring organised living. Sarah and her friend are passionate about design and organisation and they've poured their hearts into creating products that enhance homes and streamline life, leaving more time for the things that truly matter.

Ahead of their attendance at our Perth Upmarket event on Sunday 24 March, we sat down with the pair to discuss their journey.

Crafting with Elegance

Self-identifying perfectionists, Sarah and her team have spent years honing their craft, meticulously developing their products and perfecting every little detail. All their products are designed in-house and they take pride in physically making their planners locally using premium materials like whiteboard film, magnetic sheets, and top-of-the-line digital printing systems.

Each magnetic organiser is lovingly handcrafted in their Perth studio. Their unique removable wall panel system, developed over many years, allows their planners to be placed on any flat surface with ease.

Additionally, they offer a range of magnetic discs that overlay their planner designs, adding versatility to their products. Every planner that leaves their studio undergoes rigorous quality checks and is carefully packaged by them right there in Perth.

Balancing Passion with Life

Starting this business as busy moms with young children wasn't easy. But since their kids have grown up, they've found more time to devote to developing their business and expanding their product range. Drawing Board Store is a full-time endeavour, but it still allows Sarah and the team the flexibility to work around the demands of parenthood.

They now have over 7500 sales on Etsy alone, with no plans on stopping. But they don’t let that impact on quality, as Sarah is particularly proud of her impressive review average of 4.8, with many repeat customers returning for more.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is a core value for Drawing Board Store. Their planners and calendars offer a reusable alternative to single-use paper versions, helping reduce waste. When designing their packaging for shipping they are mindful to avoid unnecessary plastics. Their mailers are plastic-free while they use paper-based kraft tape for postage.

Overcoming Challenges

Adaptability has been a crucial aspect of the Drawing Board Store. Initially they had planned to outsource the production for their planners however, they encountered quality issues and had to change their overall plans for. It wasn't their intention to make all of their planners themselves, but they rose to the challenge which helped them develop their equipment and processes.

Future Goals

They are excited about the future. They have several new ideas and designs in the pipeline, and they love collaborating with businesses and service providers to create custom-designed planners for the workplace. Their ventures into the NDIS space and private client services have been well received, paving the way for further growth and success.

New Products

Drawing Board Store has unveiled a new range of Perpetual Term Planners, offering a 12-week continuous view. These three-month calendars serve as the ultimate command centre for activities whether at home, in the classroom or in a workplace setting.

Despite suitability for fridge placement, all products can be securely adhered to any flat surface with the store's unique removable wall panels. The most recent release includes plywood desk stands, enabling planners to stand upright on any flat surface in a study, kitchen or workspace. With their offerings ranging from weekly or monthly planners to shopping lists, meal planners or to do lists with all products being designed to help keep the users organised.

Join Us at the Market

Participating in events like Perth Upmarket has been incredibly rewarding for Sarah. The patrons are wonderful, often returning with positive feedback and follow-up purchases. The atmosphere at Upmarket, set amidst the beautiful grounds of UWA is simply fantastic. They always make time to shop for themselves and bring home unique treasures.

Ready to charge and get your life planned?

Visit the Drawing Board Store at the next upcoming Perth Upmarket on March 24th and discover the key to be become more organise. Explore their latest products and designs including the innovative Perpetual Term Planners, designed to elevate your home, classroom or workspace. Don't miss the chance to experience their passion for design and organising.

You can follow the Drawing Board Store on their Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on their future products.