Cloudy Confections: Creating Sweet Dreams, One Marshmallow at a Time

Perth Upmarket recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Carmen from Cloudy Confections about her inspiring journey in the world of gourmet marshmallows. Carmen, driven by a lifelong dream of owning a food-related business, particularly one focused on sweets and treats, shared her story with us.

From a young age, Carmen had a passion for indulgent foods, with a particular fondness for marshmallows. In 2015, she stumbled upon a marshmallow recipe and, after experimenting with it, received great feedback from friends and family. Encouraged by their positive response, Carmen decided to turn her passion into a business, giving birth to Cloudy Confections.

The Recipe For Perfection

In the Cloudy Confections marshmallow kitchen, located in her own home, Carmen takes us through the meticulous process of crafting gourmet marshmallows. Carefully selecting specific ingredients and infusing signature flavours, Carmen creates combinations that evoke sweet moments of delicate delight.

The marshmallow batter is poured into custom-made trays and dividers, left to 'cure' overnight, and set into distinctive shapes. The next day, each marshmallow is carefully 'popped' out of its divider, coated in a mixture of icing sugar and cornflour, and packaged thoughtfully into custom-made gift bags for freshness.

Packaged thoughtfully into custom-made gift bags, sealed, and labelled for freshness, the attention to detail ensures each marshmallow is a delightful indulgence. Carmen let us know she takes pride in crafting marshmallows that stand out from the usual store-bought variety, inspired by cherished desserts and treats, creating sweet moments of delicate delight.

Memorable Achievements

Reflecting on memorable successes, Carmen highlights collaborations with local stockists such as Nosh Gourmet and The Boatshed Market. The creation of a marshmallow advent calendar last Christmas, which packaged over 17,000 marshmallows, brought immense joy and gratitude.

Journey with Gourmet Marshmallow

Transitioning into the full-time role of a business owner in 2019, Carmen balances the demands of Cloudy Confections with raising her two kids, managing as a one-woman show.

Her background in the hospitality industry, gained through various roles in restaurants and bakeries, played a significant role in shaping her entrepreneurial path. Rediscovering her passion for gourmet food during her time in retail ignited a deep-seated desire to craft exceptional culinary experiences and leave a mark in the industry.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is a core value for Cloudy Confections. Carmen priorities sourcing ingredients locally to reduce the carbon footprint and actively works on making packaging eco-friendlier, with the goal of eliminating plastic entirely.

Overcoming Challenges

One of the biggest challenges Carmen faced as a small business owner was navigating the stress and tension, especially in the early years. Prioritising self-care and implementing better time management strategies have helped her find more balance.

Visit Them at Perth Upmarket

Carmen recently launched the 2024 Easter Collection, offering a special discount for customers attending Perth Upmarket on March 24th. Customers can pre-order through the website using the code PUM24 for a 20% discount on the entire Easter Collection, available for pickup at the market.

Don't miss the chance to experience these delicious marshmallows at the upcoming market. You can sample Cloudy Confections for yourself at the next Perth Upmarket event on 24th of March from 10am to 4pm at University of Western Australia.

You can follow Cloudy Confections on Facebook and Instagram to stay-up-to-date on all things marshmallow.