Emiley Rose Art: Where Creativity Blooms Amid Parenthood

Meet Emiley Clark, the creative force behind Emiley Rose Art, a haven of unique artworks and homewares. Emiley's journey into art began as a form of therapy after becoming a mother. Experimenting with various mediums led her to discover a distinct style that combines her love for painting with her passion for beaded jewellery.

Today, we’ll be uncovering the creative process and story behind this talented local artist.

Crafting with Care

At Emiley Rose Art, every creation is a labour of love. While Emiley's partner meticulously prepares the local wood, she dedicates herself to handpicking and drying the native materials used in the boards.

From selecting gemstones for her beaded necklaces to locally sourcing wood for her art surfaces, Emiley and her partner guarantee that each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Celebrating Success

For Emiley, the joy of creating is amplified by the positive feedback she receives from her customers. Whether it's seeing her creations showcased in a collective store in Busselton or engaging with customers at markets, the validation of her work fuels her passion for art.

“To see people being pulled into the store to look at something I have made is the best feeling,” is how Emiley puts it.

Balancing Passion with Parenthood

As a mother of two young children, Emiley juggles the demands of parenthood with the commitment to her art. Turning her passion into a full-time business has allowed her to be present for her children during the day while pursuing her artistic endeavours at night.

Commitment to Sustainability

Emiley Rose Art takes sustainability seriously. By locally sourcing materials and crafting in small batches, Emiley minimises wastage and ensures that her business treads lightly on the environment.

Overcoming Challenges

Like many small business owners, financial uncertainty poses a significant challenge for Emiley. However, her determination to provide for her family and pursue her passion keeps her going even in the face of uncertainty.

Looking Ahead

Emiley's goals for the future include organising her studio for viewings and participating in Open Studios, as well as finding the perfect gallery to showcase her art. With her drive and creativity, the possibilities are endless.

Join Us at the Market

Don't miss the chance to experience Emiley Rose Art's stunning Native Boards at the upcoming market. These one-of-a-kind creations, featuring beautiful wood from the Southwest embedded with native flowers, are sure to leave you in awe. You can meet Emiley and her art for yourself at the next Perth Upmarket event on 24th of march from 10am to 4pm at University of Western Australia.