Featured Artist: The Beautiful Craftsmanship of Studio Sarai

About Studio Sarai
Sometimes, the most beautiful things come into existence serendipitously. For Sarai Yates, the founder of Studio Sarai, what began as a hobby with her husband Paul transformed into a flourishing art business. Specialising in wood mosaics, their work marries the natural beauty of wood with intricate geometric designs. Operating out of their home studio in Fremantle, the couple has been working together since 2021 to create one-of-a-kind artworks that truly stand out.

Crafting Unique Artworks
When it comes to the craft, Studio Sarai is all about evolution and organic growth. Starting with square or rectangular bases and now expanding into half-moon and round shapes, Sarai and Paul incorporate recycled timber and repurposed materials into their designs. They breathe new life into old furniture and construction materials, aligning with an ethos of sustainability. Given the meticulous measurements and intricate detailing involved, each artwork represents many days of dedicated work.
Balancing Business and Life
In spite of the success that could allow them to focus solely on Studio Sarai, Sarai and Paul have opted to maintain part-time day jobs. Their aim is to keep the creative process joyous and free of pressure, particularly as they navigate family life — they welcomed a baby in 2022 and are expecting another in 2024.
 Overcoming Challenges
The most significant obstacle for Studio Sarai has been managing time. Between running a business, maintaining a household, and taking care of their small family, finding enough hours in the day to execute all their design ideas can be challenging. However, their passion for their craft never wanes.
Looking Forward
Studio Sarai is in the exciting phase of launching online wood art workshops, a project that's been two years in the making. These self-paced workshops will offer both beginner and advanced classes, focusing on creating wood mosaic art. The beginner's class is designed in such a way that no prior woodworking skills or power tools are needed. In addition to this, they have plans to expand their workshop in 2024, which will include a showroom.
2023 Upmarket Art Fair
For Studio Sarai, participating in the Upmarket Art Fair goes beyond setting up a stall to sell their wares; it's about being a part of a flourishing ecosystem of art, creativity, and community engagement. This year, they're thrilled to be one of the 2023 Demonstration Artists at the fair. Throughout the event, Studio Sarai won't just display their finished pieces; they'll also open a window into their creative process. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to watch, ask questions, and even gain insights as the artists bring their visions to life right before their eyes.

For Studio Sarai, the fair isn't merely a sales platform—it's a vibrant, nurturing space that allows for meaningful interactions, collaborations, and the chance to build lasting relationships with fellow creatives and art enthusiasts.

For more information, head over to Studio Sarai's website at www.studiosarai.com.au.