A business for all women, beautiful exactly as they are

Self proclaimed sensualist and founder of Innuendo by The Paramour, Fleur Coid lives in Perth, Australia.

With a background that includes a degree in Social Science, Fleur has always enjoyed connecting with others. She believes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness, and that every person needs a multifaceted and individualised approach to their self-care and healing.

Fleur has enjoyed a 15-year career in luxury skin care, fragrances and home wares, with a short stint in interior design and styling. With the thousands of customers that have crossed her path, one thing that became abundantly clear is that the beauty industry has a lot to answer for with conflicting messages of female support.

Fleur believes we should take a different view to the dichotomy of beauty. There need not be "pretty". There is no "ugly". No one should feel pressure to be a particular version of "perfect". There is just you. And that is enough.

Fleur also has a history of Endometriosis and sought natural remedies to compliment her healing.

This is how Innuendo by the Paramour was born.

Fleur had a dream to create luxury products that align with her own values and ideals that don't rely on society's opinion of what is considered “beautiful".

Fleur pours her energy into products that encourage the women, wanderers and warriors of the world to embrace themselves, as they are, body and soul.

Subiaco through and through!

Made in a little city called Perth. Ocean to the West, desert to the East and Wine Country to the South, Innuendo products are Australian made and owned — proudly and permanently. They work with local suppliers and artisans to craft products that align with their vision to increase pleasure and decrease pain.

Innuendo candles and oils are all blended and poured in Subiaco. The tea and salts blending has been a journey of trial, error, success and discovery! Ingredients for teas and salts are all blended and poured to order in a small office space in Subiaco.

With the help and knowledge of the truly wonderful local candle maker, Jane Hough, from Bespoke Blends in Subiaco, Fleur was able to explore all types of oil mixes and remedies.

All stationery and engraving of vessels is done here in Perth.

A wonderful side hustle

Innuendo is still officially a side-project! Having just launched in December 2021. Fleur still works other jobs too! It has been a whirlwind few months while she balances other work and treatment for her Endometriosis.

Biggest challenges come in many sizes

The biggest challenged faced by Innuendo has been managing all the moving pieces, time management and sticking to self-imposed timelines! It is always a challenge staying motivated and committed to a time-line, especially when there have been unforeseen blows to delays with packaging or supply issues.

What’s next?

Fleur wants to further expand her product offerings and grow her brand, using it as a vessel for connection, change and positivity. She also wants to Grow the "For The Warriors" campaign as a significant fundraising body to bring awareness to those in need.

Perth Upmarket

“I love Perth Upmarket because of its broad community reach and because of the support it has throughout Perth. It's wonderful hearing how many people across Perth always make sure they keep the dates of Upmarket free!”

Endo Oil - Hero(ine) product

Their hero(ine) product is their Endo Oil. It was inspired by the warriors of this world who have known someone or suffered personally from Endometriosis.

Innuendo does not claim to be a cure for Endo, nor should you believe anything that you read online that claims to fix this chronic and painful condition. Rather, Innuendo by The Paramour's goal is provide you with the tools you need to enhance your own comfort, minimise your pain, and take a step in the ever important direction of self-love and care.

“An elixir with a beautifully intoxicating scent, our Hero(ine) product can help soothe pain points, aid skin and scar repair, hydrate, relieve anxiety, enhance your bath, be layered with fragrance and, when applied to pulse points, have an aphrodisiac effect.

Using the highest-grade therapeutic oils, our custom formula is lightweight and non-greasy, sinking into your skin without any residue or pilling.

Each bottle of Endo Oil is hand poured to order and comes in an engraved bottle. Every recipient receives a personalized certificate* and cotton bag for storage.”

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