Western Suburb Artists Fulfill Market Demand for Unique and Local Art

Three artists from the western suburbs of Churchlands, Subiaco and Mt Claremont have been filling the artistic demand for unique and local creations by art collectors, corporate bodies, developers, and galleries around WA and nationally. Collectively, they now will exhibit new and original artworks at Art Upmarket on Saturday 16 October at UWA.

Michelle Jane Williamson (Churchlands), Larissa Nguyen (Subiaco) and Joanne Duffy (Mt Claremont) are three out of 60 artists who have expanded the audience for their art via Art Upmarket — a first of its kind marketplace to connect WA painters, sculptors, photographers, and artisans with art buyers. 

Justine Barsley, Director of Perth Upmarket — commented that the artists, along with their peers, have been able to not only showcase their art to a broader audience but also use the unique marketplace of Art Upmarket as a means to give them commercial experience, invaluable networking and, importantly, self-confidence.

“The art sector, as we know, can sometimes be a challenging industry to succeed and make a living in,” explained Justine.

“Through Art Upmarket, we want to be able to provide for self-taught, professional and budding WA artists that pop up gallery experience – without the pressures of high costs and industry expectations – and also get their art in front of people who are looking to purchase something local, unique and affordable.” 


“In addition, there is the added bonus of meeting other artists who share their lessons learnt and stories towards making it as an artist in WA, which we have seen with our exhibitors, over time.” 

Michelle, of Michelle Jane Williamson Fine Art, is a realist oil painter specialising in wildlife and pet portraits. With a love for textures, composition and colour, Michelle’s works reflect and are inspired by the natural world around her. Michelle’s creations offer collectors an opportunity to take home a piece of nature, as a reminder of the beauty and intrigue that surrounds us. 

“The Art Upmarket has encouraged so much growth in my business over the years. The event has broadened my audience, enabled exposure in the community and pushed me as an artist to grow and improve rapidly over the years,” said Michelle. 


“In October, I will have a completely fresh array of original artworks, centering around Australian birdlife, available for viewing for the first time publicly at Art Upmarket.” 

Larissa Nguyen, of LNART.STUDIO, is a modern abstract artist who enjoys painting intuitively and is inspired by nature and the human response to life. Larissa’s work has been sought after by private art collectors and is featured in the Spring edition of Art Edit magazine.

“I only started making my art available for sale online last year and the Art Upmarket was the first major event where I showcased a number of my works in-person. The event was particularly helpful to me, as an emerging artist, to see how people responded to my work. The positive response and  new collectors who connected with my art was very encouraging and gave me confidence,” said Larissa. 


“At the upcoming Art Upmarket, I will be showing several new large original abstracts inspired by water, minimalist pieces with my signature gold leaf embellishment and launching a new range of limited edition prints.” 

Joanne of Joanne Duffy Art is passionate about depicting the Australian landscape in an Expressionist style, resulting in artworks that are reflective, full of vitality, intense colour and emotion. 

Joanne’s art has been or is currently available in galleries around Australia (including the Rochfort Gallery in North Sydney), in Perth Metro and throughout regional WA, and have won multiple awards over the last 15 years at the Wanneroo, Rockingham, Stirling and Claremont Awards – amongst many. 

“Through Art Upmarket, I have been able to gain new collectors and followers, allowing me to access a slightly different art market, including new collectors and first time collectors,” said Joanne. 


“For the October Art Upmarket, many of my works are derived from my painting ’en plein air’, a favourite pastime this year. My collection for the day will feature petite works at an affordable price along with a few statement pieces.”

Visitors, art enthusiasts and collectors can view Michelle, Larissa and Joanne’s new, fresh and original creations in person and meet the artists at the upcomingArt Upmarket on Saturday 16 October 2021, from 10am–4pm, at the University of Western Australia. 

More information on the event: www.perthupmarket.com.au/art-upmarket/ 



Michelle Jane Williamson Fine Art

Michelle creates artworks that allow collectors to take with them a piece of nature. Her realism artworks aim to reflect a world of liberty, and instill a sense of calm, hope and purity.

More info: www.wildlifepaintings.com.au 

Larissa Nguyen, LNART.STUDIO

Larissa’s creations range from abstract forms to impressionist expressions with colour, shapes and textures that are often reminiscent of nature. 

More info: www.lnart.studio 

Joanne Duffy Art 

Joanne is an award-winning expressionist artist who draws her inspiration from the Australian landscape, her childhood experiences of rural WA and the love of native flora and its environment. 

More info: www.joanneduffy.com.au