Creative Community Partnership Raises $35,000 For A New Perth Guide Dog Puppy

Perth Upmarket’s close community partnership with Guide Dogs WA has shown how artists, creatives and the local community can join forces for good. Over 200 Perth Upmarket businesses and over 10,000 loyal shoppers who visit each quarterly market have raised  $35,000 towards raising and training a guide dog puppy.

Through director of Perth Upmarket Justine Barsleys own personal experience of being a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs WA, she gained an appreciation of the important role Guide Dogs play to provide safety, freedom and mobility for a person who is blind or vision impaired.

When Justine floated the idea to create a partnership with and collaboratively raise funds for Guide Dogs WA with Upmarket retailers as part of Perth Upmarkets ‘giving back to the community’ commitment, many quickly jumped on board to help.

Being a design market, Upmarket retailers approached fundraising for the community partnership with Guide Dogs WA in their own creative way. 

Designers donated their time and products to the partnership by designing and filling limited edition designer Goody and Doggy Tote bags, which sold out immediately upon their release at Upmarket.

Creative Upmarket bakers designed and made dog biscuits for sale at each quarterly Upmarket.

Whilst artists from their sister event Art Upmarket painted iconic Guide Dogs WA collection dogs for a “Pup Art” exhibition where shoppers voted for their favourites with gold coin donations and then the completed “Pup Art” dogs were auctioned off to raise more funds. 

Introducing Graham – the Perth Upmarket/Guide Dog WA Community Partnership Puppy

The $35,000 raised by Perth Upmarket has enabled sponsorship of a new Guide Dog puppy called Graham – named after Upmarket founder Justine’s late uncle, who dedicated his life to training dogs. 

Lauren Shepherd, Corporate and Community Partnerships Coordinator at Guide Dogs WA, congratulated Perth Upmarket, its retailers and supporters for their creative fundraising efforts.

“It takes two years and $50,000 to raise and train just one Guide or Assistance Dogs. Guide Dogs WA relies on the support of the community to help fund Guide Dogs’ training program,” said Lauren.

“We are grateful to Perth Upmarket and their supporters for this amazing partnership. Puppies like little Graham will one day change the life of a Western Australian and their family.”

The Upmarket extended family of staff, retailers and shoppers are excited to follow Graham on his journey to becoming a WA Guide Dog.

Stay tuned to our blog and socials @perthupmarket to follow Grahams journey.

What’s next for the Community Partnership with Guide Dogs WA?

Throughout its 2020 event season, Perth Upmarket will continue its community partnership with Guide Dogs WA, aiming to raise $15,000 through more creative and artistic fundraising ideas. 

Guide Dogs WA will also continue to have a presence at Upmarket where people can meet the Guide Dogs, directly donate, purchase merchandise and volunteer to be a puppy raiser or boarder.

If you would like to follow our progress or make a donation directly to our community partnership with Guide Dogs WA you can do so here :

To find out more about Guide Dogs WA CLICK HERE

If you are interested in a community partnership with Perth Upmarket check out our partnerships page or drop us an email at

Update on Graham: June 2020



Update May 2021

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